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I’m Tara Chatzakis, a Life Happiness Coach & Law of Attraction Practitioner, since 2017.


My passion is to help you lead a fulfilling & successful life that you love.


Working with you to uncover what is stopping you from getting the best out of your life, and creating the action steps that will allow you to grow and flourish.


Focusing on the mind, body & soul combining traditional life coaching with spiritual elements such as meditation & energy work.

Happiness Coach & LOA Practitioner - Tara Chatzakis

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I would like to thank you for having helped me manifesting and started changing my life. It's still a long way but every time I feel low, I stop, inhale and ask: What's wrong hun? And I list myself all the positives. It's a matter of perspective, my choice, as you said, to be deeply sad and blue or to enjoy the little things. Thanks for your help, thanks to have my back and to teach me trusting the Universe. Take my hand and I promise I will not let it go. You are my gift, the Universe knew I needed someone to help me manifest what I wasn't able to.
I feel so much more positive and happier already which is rubbing off on my family too. My daughter has told me what kind of life she is going to have and has said to me I'm going to manifest that life 🙂. Must say that made my day 🙂. I have had the most lovely day with my children and my family and have enjoyed laughter and silliness without feeling worried about if the neighbours see me or if I embarass my kids, losing my inhibitions one step at a time.
You are a true treasure of a friend and a mentor. A miracle in my life everyday. Helping me keep my head and heart on the same page and focusing on bringing in those things I desire into my life. You have helped me to understand that how we feel and think truly does reflect what we experience along the journey. Such a beautiful heart and passion for what you do. I am honored to have you in my life. You are a wonderful coach and your work inspires me daily
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