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I still have clients who

tell me they can hear my voice in their head when they are faced with a difficult situation, or they think 'What would Tara say?' when it's time for another life change.

And that's because I hold your hand as we walk together, until you are ready to walk alone.

You pick the journey, we both decide on the route and the universe provides the transport.

HelenManchester, UK

“Tara is a gifted coach with the ability to see right into the heart of an issue and pinpoint the cause so you can tackle it and move forward...I would definitely recommend her to any ambitious female entrepreneur looking to reach the heights in her career.”

DaniellaGenova, Italy

“She helped me finding motivation to completely change my life...I cannot help thanking her. She is such an amazing person, so inspirational. Tara, please keep on helping people. The world needs people like you!”

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