Are you ready to shift from 3D to 5D Part Two… episode 114 happy inspired motivated Podcast

3D to 5D energy. Are you ready to shift? Part Two

3D to 5D energy is here, have you heard?

The 5D energy of love, oneness, rapid manifestation and success will benefit us on a global level. Not that you can stop it.

You could resist and allow yourself to stay trapped in fear, scarcity and separation, but in my honest opinion why would you?

Who doesn’t want their manifestations to come much quicker? Who doesn’t want to be surround and feel great love, joy, happiness and abundance? That’s one of the beauties of moving from 3D to 5D energy.

My vivid dreams and downloads continue as allow myself to open to an energetic shift and I am sharing my journey and insights.

You succeed, I succeed, we all succeed.

I’ve been downloaded, what I’m calling, The Baseball Method. A new way of working with the Law of Attraction that I am excited to bring to the world. We all have our own unique way of explaining our area of expertise, and the more I allow myself to be open the more guidance I get for ways to help others.

The more I learn the more I teach, the more I teach the more I learn.

Sources: https://www.purposefairy.com/91132/shift-3d-to-5d-consciousness/



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