Hi and welcome, My Lovely
Hi and welcome, My Lovely

I'm Tara, and I am passionate about helping women reach their highest potential and manifest an unfalteringly secure future. Combining Law of Attraction techniques, positive mind scripts, neuroplasticity, strategic intervention tools and body energetics my clients create powerful manifestations.

Certified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner and a Robbins Madanes Coach, as well as over a decade of experience in manifesting next life-level realities.

I created my unique, authentic and caring approach to manifesting from my life experiences through living in an abusive relationship, losing my identity, self confidence and courage.

I now help women achieve personal growth, better health, unapologetic confidence and healing from the inside out to create the life of their dreams.

You are a phenomenally marvellous manifestor, you've just forgotten! If you are reading this, it means you must be doing your due diligence and checking to see if I'd be the right coach for you. I love that! 

The truth is that I LOVE working with women who are ambitious, action takers. I work with women who are going to make their dreams to come true, not the ones who sit on the sidelines and hope that they do.
My clients are manifesting their dream lives, right now!
Showing up in this world with power and grace.
Stepping into their highest potential
Are vibe-ing high
Money, love and opportunities for business growth is being magnetised to them
They are taking action that’s going to impact the world
They are unapologetically standing in their feminine energy
And they aren’t waiting for permission from someone to take back control of their lives. These women are in the driving seat and they are headed for greatness! 💃
Does that sound like you? If you are a women who is ready to commit to having those kinds of changes in your life then I could be the coach for you.


I spent years struggling, until I didn’t. Until I put my teachings into action. Shaped my thoughts, beliefs and actions until they reflected the life of my dreams.


Right now …. I now live with my three daughters, Kalls, Andi & Gabby, on the Isle of Wight with Pumpkin (our Westie-poo) and Luke (our ginger purdy cat).


I have been blessed to work with people from all over the world in many different industries and walks of life!  


Just in case you were wondering, I also have the paperwork too:

  • A certified Robbins Madanes Coach
  • Certified by the Global Sciences Foundation
  • A Law of Attraction Practitioner
  • A certified student of Dr Joe Vitale from The Secret
  • A member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists
  • BSc in Service Sector Management
  • The podcast host of Happy Inspired Motivated, top 5% globally
  • A trainee of social media mogul Kim Garst

It only takes this many seconds to create change!

ChelseaRyde, UK

“I feel a lot more able to do anything and everything… When we talk about goals and the future, you really emphasise the point of being specific on what I want and how to get to it”

DaniellaGenova, Italy

“Now I list myself all the positives. It’s a matter of perspective, my choice, as you said, to be deeply sad and blue or to enjoy the little things. I need someone to help me manifest what I wasn’t able to.”

DennyFlorida, USA

“Tara is at the top of her field, always ready to over-deliver offering tips, tools and suggestions to help you bring your business to the next level. I highly recommend Tara to anyone who wants to reach the top of there field!”

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Certified by
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- Tara Chatzakis
Tara Chatzakis
Tara ChatzakisCEO and founder
Tara Chatzakis
Tara ChatzakisCEO and founder
Kalli Chatzakis
Kalli ChatzakisSEO and Social Media Executive
Kalli Chatzakis
Kalli ChatzakisSEO and Social Media Executive

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