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Are you ready and open for business?

Are you ready and open for business?

So many of us want to work with clients, but we worry over whether everything is perfect? Our fear of not being perfect stops us from taking action, when in reality we are more than ready to make an impact in our clients’ lives. And they are more than ready for us to be there for them.

Which would you rather have? Perfect and curated or imperfect and authentic?

I know which person I would rather work with. Just because you don’t have 5 degrees, a PhD, a super snazzy website, £1M in the bank, the partner of your dreams and the body to match doesn’t mean that you aren’t ready to work with clients. It doesn’t matter if you conduct business in your sweat pants or have a sink full of washing up in the kitchen, your business acumen is never in question.

So Are you ready and open for business?

Stop procrastinating and get started. Your inner voice may be screaming ‘Nooo…wait!’ But you have total control over that.

It’s always the internal world that affects your external reality. It’s not that your business isn’t ready, it is whether you think you are. Limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and consequently your actions that dictate your success.

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