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How to attract more money using this simple exercise

Attract more money into your life using this simple exercise, to help open your energy up to more.

Money is something we all want and need but we don’t want to appear to be motivated by it. It’s classed as vulgar to want to accumulate great wealth. Greedy. Selfish.

We are allowed to go out in the pursuit of happiness, that’s acceptable. But to openly state that you want to make a shit tonne of money is frowned upon.

But why?

Since when did we decide that money, which is simply an energy, is so taboo?

I want you to reframe the way you see money. Not just so that you can attract more but so that you feel good in doing so, and understand how it helps you (and not just with the grocery shopping!).

Try this little exercise to create a good energy around the money that comes to you.

Money amplifies your energy, so the more your receive the more you have to give.

There is so much success and abundance out there for you, just waiting for you to let it in, and I’m here to help you do just that.

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