Being successful is scary

Being successful is scary

Being successful is scary.

Your brain doesn’t know the outcome so it becomes afraid.

It does however know the outcome of being an employee.

It knows that you get a regular pay check and that you work X amount of hours, get 30 days holiday a year and almost all of your bills are paid.

Entrepreneurship on the other hand is new!

What if’s start flying around your brain and it begins to panic.

So it drags up as many thoughts as it can to support the known outcome.

That’s when you need to add the circuit breakers!

Start to imagine the what if’s around your business.

What if I became really successful?

How would I feel?

What if I made lots of money?

How would I feel?

Start to retrain your brain to look forward to the unknown outcomes. Make the unknown so exciting that your brain looks forward to it.

And that will start to unfold a different path.

A path that leads to your amazing future!

Are you letting your brain control your actions?

Love T ❤

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