Tara Chatzakis

Aligned Mastermind

You were guided here because you know that you want more in your life. 

Are you desperate to leave your day job and work your business full time?


Do you wonder why others are having all the success in their businesses but you seem tot take one step forward, two steps back?


Are you super busy but not focused and productive in your business?


If you answered yes, then this mastermind is for you.


⇒ You want exceptional relationships


⇒ You want more life excitement


⇒ You want a spiritually aligned business


⇒ You’re a business owner who wants employees with passion


⇒ You’re ready to manifest financial abundance in your business


⇒ You are heart-driven and want more impact on the world 


⇒ You know the benefits of surrounding yourself with people who consciously raise the energy of the planet


⇒ You want opportunities to give back to others


⇒ You’re ambitious and ready to create a ripple effect of love out into the world


⇒ You know the importance of having an expert in your corner


Tara Chatzakis Super Success Coaching Packages

Join the Mastermind...

√ 6 Month Access to Tara, a Robbins Madanes Life Coach


√ Mentorship from a Law of Attraction Practitioner, certified by Dr Joe Vitale from The Secret


√ Support and close-knit community with other spiritually aligned business owners


Weekly live group calls


 Bi-monthly private coaching calls


√ 1 Mastermind Retreat Day (online)


√ Access to practices to calm your mind, soother your soul and relax your body


√ Intimate, high-level support and guidance


√ Advice & support on how to incorporate energy work in your business


√ Law of Attraction mentoring to attract abundance in all areas of life


Tara Chatzakis

Your Coach

Tara Chatzakis


I am an Executive Transition Coach and Spiritual Alignment Mentor.


People work with me to transition from the corporate 9-5 to entrepreneurship.


Building strong, sustainable and fun businesses. Creating better relationships with themselves, their loved ones, colleagues, employees and also with money, abundance, health and happiness.


Making waves in the coaching industry helping new and established women entrepreneurs and ensuring my clients are focus their energies on success and abundance.


I use strategies and techniques from my training with Dr Joe Vitale, from the Secret, and Tony Robbins, and the Robbins Madanes Training.


I am a Speaker and a Podcast Host of the #24 UK chartable show, Happy Inspired Motivated.


Using Law of Attraction, the quantum field, mindset and meditation to draw abundance into my clients’ and listeners lives. 


Your vibrational soul energy is highly resonate and it is important to raise that energy to attract more love, joy and happiness into your life.


Some say you can’t have them all…


But why can’t you?


If you’re a passionate business owner, my guess is that you feel the same way.


Together we can make anything happen.


Coming together with others who struggle with the same inner battles, causing your vibrational energies to stabilise and rise, is inspiring and liberating.


That’s why a mastermind is so powerful.


My 6 month mastermind will give you access to a network of spiritually aligned business owners who believe that financial abundance is a gift that allows you to give back to the world, rather than a selfish desire, as well as mentorship from a Robbins Madanes & Law of Attraction Coach.


Masterminds are places to create life-long friendships and powerful allies in the world of business.


Creating strong resilient relationships with people, situations, opportunities and experiences along the way.


I want you to grow and flourish because I’ve been there.


YOU are incredible at what you do and you should amplify your message to create the most impact.


You can have a wildly successful business, be financially abundant, enjoy sincere and fulfilling relationships AND still have a business that is spiritually aligned and in keeping with your core values.

Tara Chatzakis Coaching


√ Weekly live sessions online

√ 2 1:1 private calls per month online

√ Access to a Robbins Madanes Life Coach & a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

√ One All-Day Mastermind Sessions 

√ Exclusive Mastermind Support Facebook Group

√ Monthly Private growth meditation sessions


√ Advice on positively energising your business relationships

√ Anchoring positives states effortlessly

√ Attracting financial abundance through your business

√ Access to a powerful network of spiritually connected business owners

√ Opportunities to work synergistically within our network


Not to mention…


 √ Waking up with passion and purpose every day

  Being in the most loving and supportive relationships both at home and at work

  Having more than enough money to do whatever you want to

  Feeling sexy in your body

  Being aligned with who you really are

  Being in love with life

  Tapping into the unlimited energy resources of the universe

  Sharing high energy, consciously

Feeling really alive, for the first time in A LONG time!

Being the one who smiles, just because

This mastermind is for YOU

You are determined to scale your business in true alignment in 2021.


You are ready to reconnect spiritually on a deeper level and need experienced guidance.


You know the value of connecting with and networking with other spiritually aligned business owners.


You know you want to be a part of the planet’s awakening.


You believe that it is your gift to give to others.


You know the universe supports you.

Tara Chatzakis Coaching

This Premium Level Aligned Mastermind is not for everyone and is by application only.


Because this intimate group will be working closely together to raise their vibrational energy and attract abundance from the universe, meaning that they all have to be a good fit with each other.


If you are new to energy work, the law of attraction and spiritual connection you may still apply as you may already have the energy required for this mastermind.


People who apply must be willing to put the work in over the next 6 months, I can’t do the work for you, and the group will not carry you.


If you are ready to move your life and your business to the forefront, to make 2021 different to 2020, then book a call to apply.


Please note spaces are limited and a place will only be offered to successful applicants.


Applications are now open for coaching in 2021.