Tara Chatzakis

Why are you here?

You were guided here because you know that you want more in your life. 

                     ▪️More excitement




                     ▪️Success in your career


                     ▪️Financial wealth


                     ▪️Opportunities to give


                     ▪️Inner peace

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How do I know?

Not because I’m a mind reader, or have been secretly going through your diary, but because I wanted all those things too!


I used to be…


        ▪️Stressed and worried about the future


        ▪️Constantly changing between a state of sadness, anger and happiness


        ▪️Unfulfilled in my work


        ▪️Reaching for the wine as soon as I came in from the office


        ▪️Lonely inside with a painted smile on the outside


        ▪️Numb from feeling stuck, helpless and powerless


Tara Chatzakis

What changed?

I got fed up of things being the same so I put the work in, worked on the inner me.


This allowed me to get real with myself and what was missing from my life.


Once I saw my patterns of behaviour I could understand what was driving me to destruction.


I am telling you this because you can have all your dreams and desires, nothing is out of reach.

Just imagine…

                         ▪️Waking up with passion and purpose


                         ▪️Being in the most loving and supportive relationship


                         ▪️Having enough money to be able to go shopping for new clothes if you want to


                         ▪️Feeling comfortable in your body


                         ▪️Being aligned with who you really are


                         ▪️Being in love with life

Tara Chatzakis Coaching

Is coaching the perfect fit for you?

Coaching is suited to you, if you know there is more to life and you want to be a part of that.


Happiness Coaching always focuses on you and creating the best version of you, a bit like plugging yourself in to supercharge your awesome energy so you can feel invincible.


Law of Attraction Coaching helps you to hone in on your manifesting superpower so that you attract your perfect career, soulmate, and life.


You’ll discover ways the inner you can help you: 


                        ▪️Stop bingeing – over-eating, over-drinking, over-pleasing


                        ▪️Attract more money


                        ▪️Feel passion and love in your intimate relationship


                        ▪️Experience joy and happiness in the moment


                        ▪️Flick the switch to choose good feelings within seconds


                        ▪️Advance in your career or business


                        ▪️Attract your perfect clients without chasing them


Each day is a new chance to:


                        ▪️explore the beauty that is life


                        ▪️feel confident and powerful


                        ▪️fulfil your calling


                        ▪️start writing a new chapter, or even a new book of your life


                        ▪️leave negativity behind


                        ▪️empower the new you to shine though

Tara Chatzakis Coaching

How will you know when you are ready for coaching?

Let’s jump on a call to see if you are ready for coaching. Book your free 30 minute call where we can discuss where you are right now, where you want to be and how I can help you move forward.