Covid Coma

Are you experiencing the Covid Coma?

So, November is here. How did that happen?
I don’t know about you but from 2020 I remember:
January (my birthday month 😊), 
February (learning about this new Covid thing), 
March (the ridiculously named ‘lockdown’ and furlough period)
I then seem to have a COVID COMA, where lots happened but I can’t tell you exactly when!
* My business took off because people needed support and guidance as they felt unsure about their futures, 
* I started a podcast to inspire and motivate that got to #24 in the UK entrepreneurship charts, 
* I attended a virtual Unleash the Power Within event, 
* Started and certified my Robbins Madanes Coaching Training
* Got lots of coaching from 
      – Anna Parker Naples
      – Lisa Johnson
      – Carrie Green 
      – Dean Graziosi
* Created a new website, with the very expert help of my Operations Manager (a.k.a. my eldest daughter Kalli 😁)
* Attended webinars
* Read lots of books
* Binge watched a few Netflix series
* Tapped into my intuitive side which I have kept hidden before, but which is so exciting!
Oh my, no wonder it is November already!
What happened during your COVID COMA?
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