Dani's story

Dani’s Story

You do know that the universe absolutely loves you and wants you to have everything you wish for, right?

Do you also know that you are the one standing in your own way?

Dani's Story

I wanted to highlight one of my client’s phenomenal personal growth success stories today.

Dani is an incredible woman, who during our coaching opened her heart and allowed abundance and happiness to flood in. She is so amazing, and put 1000% into our coaching. She always showed up, did the exercises between sessions and made sure that she was vigilant of her thoughts and feelings throughout.


For Dani the time had come to make a change, and that is the first big step to consider. Without fortitude she could have strayed, given up or said it was too hard, but she was strong and stepped into our commitments wholeheartedly.


Dani has truly unlocked her inner goddess power.


Here are the four main things that helped her turn her life around in just 6 sessions.

I hope they will inspire you to make some changes in your life too.

1. Accept responsibility for where you are.

I have noticed that people don’t like to accept responsibility for where their lives are, or the situations they find themselves in.


There may be many areas of your life that you are unhappy with, there may be just one, but whichever your circumstances you must remember that you arrived here because of the route you took.


No place is permanent and this temporary reality can soon shift and change.


Dani stepped up and accepted that she was responsible for the path her life and relationships had taken and in doing so stopped hating where she was.


Knowing the part she played meant that she was no longer the victim so she had the power to change.

2. Understanding your value.

Many people are uneasy with loving and appreciating themselves, It can feel awkward to admit that you are an amazing being who is full of love.


Women especially are terrible for being modest, which is not to say that you need to brag, but you do need to know your value.


Getting into the energy of happiness and positive love and then reminding yourself of your wonderful power can help to draw the most amazing experiences and people into your life.


For Dani, she struggled with this but she did the inner work and, although I know she has relapses, she has turned her life around and created so much joy in her current reality.

3. Staying true to your desired outcome.

There were many times that Dani could have crumbled, she could have given in and taken whatever was on offer. Instead she became the mountain that could not be moved, which paid off. She knew her worth (step 2) and wasn’t prepared to take less than she deserved.


It is easy to cave and allow others to choose what your reality will be. People will constantly tell you to give up, it’s not worth the effort. And ask ‘aren’t you happy with what you have got?’


We are raised to be grateful for what we have, but that leads us to believe that if we want more we are being greedy which society deems uncool.


Desires and dreams are not supposed to be swept under the carpet. The universe wants you to be happy and once you have committed to experiencing a new and improved reality there will be shifts that you can only imagine.

4. Aligning with your true self.

This is a big one. It is incredibly common for us to see our reality as true, when it is only a reflection of us in our past and present state.

Think of your life and the people in it as a mirror of the inner you. If you are out of alignment with your true amazing self then you will find yourself in a life that doesn’t represent you.

Show the mirror who you really are and the life you want to live, then watch as it is reflected back to you.

I hope this inspires you to take some action.

Which of these 4 can you embrace today?

Let me know how it goes and you just might be my next success story!

Come and meet Dani, and other amazing ladies changing their lives and the world one step at a time, in our Abundant Angels group.

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