Entrepreneurs Mojo Up Your Mindset

Helping entrepreneurs become successful & wealthy through mindset, meditation & motivation.

This is what a successful, wealthy entrepreneur looks like

Gone are the days of stereotypes. We are redefining wealth and success every day!
Entrepreneurs Mojo Up Your Mindset
Entrepreneurs Mojo Up Your Mindset
Entrepreneurs Mojo Up Your Mindset

You can be a highly successful and wealthy entrepreneur! The only thing that is stopping you, is you!

You created your business and know who and how you want to serve your clients. Everything is in place but you’re not having the overnight success that you see others having.


The perfect, ideal clients are watching and starting to interact. You are nurturing those relationships to build the know, like and trust factor, but when you mention working with you they go quiet.


When people do get in touch they often ask for discounts, after all, you are a small business so why can’t people ask to pay less?  Of course, you agree because you are passionate about what you do and want to reach as many people as possible. It’s your calling!


However, working like this leads to burnout and mega stress!
When you feel you deserve you receive.

Stop worrying about if you’re worthy of your clients and spend your time creating and being the voice and face of your business.


In order for you to be able to confidently step up and show up in your businesses, you have to start thinking like the CEO of your business.


To not get knocked back and take things personally when things don’t seem to be going well and to be confident when asking for clients to work with you. Let go of the outcome and know that if someone says no it’s not personal.


It could be no because they don’t need your services, or because now is not the right time.


It’s not likely to be no because it’s your business!


In order to be the CEO your have to BE the CEO!

That involves re-training your brain and getting rid of everything going on in there that is holding you back.

I am really passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a life they love. YOU need to shine, and shine bright!


I told my ‘sob’ story for years. Believed that I was bad at decision making, financial decisions, and business. Constantly went under the banner of ‘dumb blonde’ for years and I actually took that onboard.

Growing up, I would hear people say that ‘money didn’t grow on trees’, ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer’, ‘you have to work hard for your money’.

And due to society, I saw that all the big, wealthy business owners were mainly men. It’s in nearly every movie, so of course that has to affect us subconsciously.

By the way, this is also what a successful, wealthy entrepreneur looks like! And you look like one too!


Tara Chatzakis
Entrepreneurs Mojo Up Your Mindset is for entrepreneurs to back in the driving seat, exposing the negativity that keeps cropping up in your head.

For it to work, I had to be my first client and work on myself, and I am stubborn!

The shifts you will experience will be liberating!


This 5-week group coaching programme is in Beta phase, which means that it is being offered at a highly discounted price for the first cohort.


It will only be for a small group of entrepreneurs, so there will be a private coaching feel to it.

For 5 weeks we will work on your mindset through:


  • weekly live webinar discussing money mindset, self-worth beliefs, limiting beliefs, boosting positive mindset, goal setting breakdown, catching imposter syndrome, stepping into your CEO shoes.
  • 1:1 private coaching calls
  • interviews and training with people who can help you step forward in your business and grow
  • weekly feedback live session answering questions and celebrating wins
  • all this will take place in our private Facebook group

Our focus will be to get your business to be successful in your head, which will make you feel more comfortable in doing business. To get rid of the roadblocks.


Business is not plain sailing but if your mindset is in CEO status all the roadblocks are easier to manoeuvre.

5 week Entrepreneurs Mojo Up Your Mindset coaching programme

Initial Beta version price for Entrepreneurs Mojo Up Your Mindset – £195.00

After the initial beta intake of entrepreneurs, the price will be £495.00


Your business will be free to thrive once you get rid of your mindset blocks, and that will leave you better to serve your clients.


Without the stress of money and doubt hanging over your head you can keep your mind on being the best entrepreneurial version of yourself.

As Denise Duffield Thomas says “The more money I make, the more people I help”


I also like to use ‘I earn twice as much, working half the time” because there has to be a balance right? We are not in business to run ourselves into the ground and burnout.


We are here to reach the clients that need our services.


Let’s make a change and get talking about your fabulous future!


Join us today!


5 week programme next start date to be announced

Facebook group welcome Sunday to be announced