Feeling angry Listen to this. episode 137 happy inspired motivated Podcast

Feeling angry? Listen to this.

Feeling angry, stressed, overwhelmed and panicky right now? Then you need to listen to this episode.

You may, or may not have noticed that every month you have periods of negative emotions, when even the smallest thing triggers you. And no I’m not talking about PMT. It’s not something that only affects women, it’s a male issue too!

In your business and life you could be experiencing feelings like it’s all an uphill battle, like every obstacle you could face is standing in your way, and all roads seem to lead to failure and despair. Nothing you do is ever good enough and it’s just SO HARD!

Trust me though, you are not alone. This ‘feeling angry’ is a global issue, not many are exempt.

Surprisingly, although you may not understand it, it is your resistance to letting things go that creates a fight energy in your body and your life and business suffers.

Resistance and struggle of any kind makes everything that little bit harder. And right now that resisting that you are doing is going up against the vibrational energy of the whole universe. So believe me when I say, you’re not gonna win this one!

Take a listen to understand just why you’re feeling like it’s all so hard.

First time here? Let me introduce myself.

Check out this episode!

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