Are you ready to shift from 3D to 5D Part One… episode 113 happy inspired motivated Podcast

3D to 5D. Are you ready to shift? Part One

Releasing the 3D of fear, limiting beliefs and competition to allow the 5D of love, oneness, rapid manifestation and success.

That’s the energetic shift that is surrounding us right now. Preparing you for the changes that are coming your way.

How the planet is going to have to let go of the old beliefs and thoughts of fear and step into unconditional love.

Everything we have been talking about for so long! It feels like perfect timing that I was prompted to create my Workshop and call it Awaken.

These are very exciting times we are living in!!

Sources: https://yasmin-ibrahim.medium.com/3d-to-5d-what-does-it-actually-mean-74b891412ef4  https://www.nickersoninstitute.com/blog/no-you-are-not-going-crazy-its-part-of-ascension-and-the-shift

The Awaken Workshop

Check out this episode!

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