From Hollywood to podcast queen

From Hollywood to Podcast Queen with Anna Parker-Naples

My interview with Anna Parker-Naples, a British no.1 bestselling Author of 2 books (Get Visible: How to have more impact, influence and income as well as her most recent book Podcast with impact), host of top-ranking podcast Entrepreneurs Get Visible, award-winning Business Coach & Speaker.

She helps ambitious entrepreneurs & creatives to stand out as an authority in their field.

Anna has a background as a multi award winning audio producer & Voice Actor, including being recognised on the red carpets in Hollywood, & now shares her knowledge to help others spread their message far & wide through confidence & know-how on how to get visible.

She is Founder of The Podcast Membership & uses her audio knowledge to help experts reach the masses with their message.

Anna’s gift is the podcast checklist http://www.annaparkernaples.co.uk/podcastchecklist

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