From the mouth of babes

You never know when wisdom will come to you, and from where.


There was a point in my life when I felt totally hopeless. I was desperately unhappy in my job, and every night I would come home and vent about what had happened that day.


Some days I was angry.

Some days I was upset.

Some days I was well and truly pissed off!


I felt victimized, undervalued and not heard. My work life was pretty shit.

One day, after such a horrid rant (which actually didn’t calm me down it just kept the negativity inside me) I climbed into my bed and my youngest daughter appeared at my door. She sat on my bed and told me that I had to quit my job.


I came up with all the reasons why I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have enough money to support the household and I had responsibilities. She said they were excuses. She was right.


It’s a funny moment when one of your children repeats back to you exactly what you tell others. “Mum, if you really do believe in the universe then you know everything will be alright. Trust. You can do this, I believe in you.”


Again, she was right.


She also asked what advice I would give her if she was in the same situation. Damn! She knows me too well! LOL

You see the funny thing was that I completely believed in the universe and I knew that it had never let me down. Not even once. I went to bed with worry on my mind.


The next morning when I got to work I had that ‘universe feeling’ that I had had when I was at the point of nearly leaving my marriage. The feeling that it was all going to work out. I knew what I had to do.


One reason was that I couldn’t let my daughters see me scared to take the chance on something that I loved and knew I was good at. What kind of example was that?


Another reason was that by not stepping up I wasn’t serving all the wonderful people who needed my help. If I hid what I knew others would suffer, and I couldn’t have that.


And another was that I knew I was going to succeed. Others were coaching in my field and had amazing businesses. They weren’t worried about failing, so why was I?


It wasn’t my capabilities, I knew I could help people. So what was holding me back?

Crazy as it sounds, it was actually my job. The one I hated!

By holding on to it I was telling the universe that I needed to be taken care of by an employer, I couldn’t cope on my own.


By letting it go I was showing that I was the creator of my life and I was ready to accept what I said I had always wanted.

The universe hates voids, empty spaces. If you let something go, that creates space for the universe to fill it with something better, but it can’t do that if your life is full.


There is only so much you can stuff into a box, once it’s full you either make some room by throwing somethings out or you live with what’s in it.


What do you have in your life that you can’t live with anymore? What do you need to throw out of the box?


If you would like to take a look into the law of attraction have a read of The Secret. It’s a great place to start.

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