Getting in the flow

Getting into the flow

I know that you’ve heard me say, like a hundred times, that everything flows to you once you get into alignment with who you are and what you love.
But I am going to say it again (got to make it 101 LOL)
The more I listen to the inner me and tune in to what I truly want the more my intuitive powers come out.
The Law of Attraction is my ‘thang’, I love it! However, I would never have described myself as an intuitive. At least not until now.
It started gradually. 
I had been working my coaching business part-time, alongside my full-time day job. The 9-5 or J.O.B. (just over broke) was kind of paying the bills, but it was sucking my vibrational energy dry.
I was irritable, angry, upset, and everything was a drag. I didn’t have the energy.
I was serving my clients, that was a joy, but at the end of the day, there wasn’t much left for me. I was burning out, fast. So, I decided enough was enough. I had to quit.
I was very determined until it got to the Monday and then I got scared. What if I couldn’t manage? What would happen?
I let the fear of the unknown consume me, but we all know that F.E.A.R is just False Evidence Appearing Real, right?
So I compromised with myself, said I’d probably go part-time, which made me feel a bit better LOL
The universe, however, had obviously gotten excited about me quitting, only for me to back down, because it soon made it apparent that leaving was my only choice. I’ll not bore you with the details, just to say I had no other option 🙂
As soon as I resigned myself to the fact that shit was about to get real my intuitive self kicked in. I was sensing my clients’ needs, feelings, fears and even their successes too!
I knew ‘intuitively’ how to help them move forward and in which areas they were going to succeed the most.  
It was the most bizarre experience when that first happened, but it felt so good and so right! I was finally completely in alignment with myself and allowing the flow.
Have you ever experienced that? To be truly living the life that fills you up with joy and happiness, and having the universe bring you so much more because you finally trusted in your powers?
If you are ready to transition from your 9-5 into becoming your own boss-preneur book a call with me so we can see how I can help you make it easier and give your business strong foundations.
For some extra reading on the subject I highly recommend Dr Joe Dispenza’s “You are the placebo”. It’s a phenomenal read!

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