Hi my beautiful Goddess! Are you ready to become the true inner you and join my 6 month Goddess Ignite Program?

Goddess Activate Ignite Coaching Program Lynne Hilton testimonial

Ready to…

Become empowered

Step into a confident Goddess with high self esteem

Attract more money, time, and freedom

Become spiritually and energetically aligned with your future

Love what you do, impact others and live life in your highest potential.

Then you are in the right place...

Goddess Activate Ignite Coaching Program Tara Chatzakis, with Kalli, Andi & Gabby Chatzakis

I am Tara, the facilitator of YOUR Goddess Transformation.

It’s my mission to empower women all over the world, to find their freedom, take back their control, become powerful, independent, loving Goddesses, raising the energy of the planet, for more joy, love, abundance and peace

Daniella Lace Goddess Activate IgniteCoaching Program

There is more to life, as a Goddess…

  • More happiness, love, joy and laughter to start with.
  • More money in your bank account
  • Success in your business or work
  • Better relationships
  • The motivation, desire and energy to do what needs to be done
  • An end to that negative self talk
  • Time, money and energy freedom
  • Less stress and tension
  • Getting unstuck from the cycle of doing more and feeling less
  • Knowing you CAN do it
  • Unstoppable drive and determination

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As one of my Goddesses you’ll see rapid transformation in your life using my PROVEN Signature techniques.

Goddess Ignite

Goddess Ignite is my Signature Program where you will learn PROVEN & SUCCESSFUL formulas for rapid Goddess manifesting.


PLUS a community of Goddesses from all over the world. They say your Goddess net worth is your Goddess Network.


PLUS a VIP in person live event with me and your peers on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Tara Chatzakis Coaching

I’m a mum of 3 running a successful coaching business while raising amazing mindful daughters & having the time to be fully present, so don’t tell me you don’t have time for this. If you want it, you’ll find the time.

The boring bit about what you get...

This is a 6 month program, combining the best of 1:1 and group coaching…


6 1:1 coaching calls value £1800

6 group coaching calls with ‘Hot Seats’ and brainstorming value £900

6 self study modules value £900

Personalised action plan value £200

Personalised toolkit value £100

Unlimited voxer support for 6 months value £600

2 SOS calls value £800

Facebook group support priceless

Business bonus trainings in FB group value £800 minimum 

Welcome gift value is a secret!

10 downloadable meditations value £10

Gratitude Journal value £7

1 day Ignite VIP in person live event to brainstorm the next 6 months with Tara and your peers, to be on the Isle of Wight, includes lunch value £333 

333 angel number for significant growth in a positive direction


Total value £6450

Price you pay

£950 x 6 payments = £5700

Payment in full £5555


Number dependant minimum 10 people

Angel number 555 = when things feel chaotic reminder that transitions can be intense

To apply for the Goddess Ignite Program click here.

The exciting bit about how it changes your life...

Stepping into the Goddess Ignite program will change your life. Big claim, I know, but just imagine…you receive all the benefits of my Signature Goddess Activate Program….


💫Knowing your REAL goals and dreams and feeling confident to show up like never before

💫Learning my PROVEN manifesting formula to attract financial abundance into your life

💫Creating a SUCCESS plan that attracts and magnetises abundance, fulfilment and joy

💫KNOWing your why so deeply, you can’t help but take positive action to make shit happen

💫Learning how to shift your energy for instant self confidence & high self esteem

💫Identifying your limiting beliefs that are holding you back

💫Finally stopping with the negative self talk so you can take back control of your life, ditching the victim mindset

💫Anchoring that high energy vibe to immediately pull you out of any moments of doubt

💫Retraining the brain for subconscious manifesting while you sleep

💫Rewiring the brain to dissolve past negative memories giving you more freedom

💫Harnessing the energies of the universe for amplified manifesting 

💫Openly stepping into alignment with your highest potential, becoming your future self

💫Becoming energetically aligned with your passions so you can effortlessly impact others around you +more!


🔥Access to a community of Goddesses from all over the world who will become your Goddess network

🔥An additional 6 calls with your community so you can brainstorm with me and them

🔥Meditations to calm your mind and help you find inner peace on the days when it feels overwhelming

🔥A copy of my Gratitude Journal to help you journal your feelings and get clear on your visualisations for the future

🔥 A 1 day Ignite VIP live in person event to actually meet your fellow Goddesses in person. A chance to network, brainstorm, cement friendships, have fun (remember Goddessing HAS to be fun), make memories, form unbreakable bonds and so much more!

Goddess Activate Ignite Coaching Program Helen Adams, Global leader of the female business revolution

And don’t forget the FUN, because Goddessing should always be that!!


To apply for the Goddess Ignite Program click here.


The world is changing and the energies are shifting, YOU need to be ready and to ride that wave of abundance, joy, love and happiness. Activate your Goddess today.


Goddess Ignite is subject to a minimum of 10 Goddesses, and will be opening its doors for the first time in 2022.


Apply for a place now and be one of the first to get access to this phenomenal, ground breaking Goddess Program!

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