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Shockingly nearly 80% of redundancies were women in 2020

Have you recently lost your job?


Are you on furlough, worried that you’ll never get called back into work again?


Have your colleagues been made redundant and you could be next?


Or have you been working from home for so long you can’t bare the thought of going back to the commute?


There are so many people in the same situation as you right now. Over the past year our normal has been turn upside down.


There are a couple of options during this weird time. You can either let the disruption take control and feel like the victim in all of this, or you can take this opportunity to make a real change in your life. Change doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming.  


2020 was a traumatic year for lots of people, and women were amongst some of the hardest hit and yet still this year optimism is high and entrepreneurship is set to sky rocket!


More people, especially women, are taking control of their futures and starting their own businesses.


Now is the time to start, and you can do it too.


Small online businesses are EXPLODING! Starting a business doesn’t mean you have to jack it all in, you can start part time and build it up if that works better for you.

It could be your lack of confidence that is holding you back. 


Take Chelsea for example

Chelsea Doyle

Chelsea was a professional on the up but her lack of self confidence and doubt were stopping from fully stepping into her role as a powerful, driven, dynamic woman.


She came to me to help her get past the limiting beliefs that were holding her back so she could show up with more drive and ambition.


After 6 weeks Chelsea said…

“I feel like your work has made a massive improvement on my life….

I feel a lot more able to do anything and everything….

When we talk about goals and the future, you really emphasise the point of being specific on what I want and how to get to it….


“The sessions have help me most by allowing myself to reflect in a safe space and really exploring what needed to change to achieve my goals.”

Introducing the Overnight Success Programme

Overnight Success Programme

You may have thought about starting your own business before, but been confused about where to start. After all there is so much to think about – Websites, social media platforms, finding a niche and getting visible.


So many things to look at and choose from how do you know what to do?


Then there is that little voice in your head questioning whether you can do it, I mean no-one else in your family has their own business so what makes you think you can do it?


All it takes is a friendly comment from a relative telling you your ideas are great but that you still need that ‘proper job’ to keep you safe.


But is there even such a thing as JOB security anymore? Obviously not, take a look at all the women who have been made redundant in the last 12 months!

And that's where this 12 week live group coaching programme comes in.

Once in you will build your own Overnight Success, one day at a time, with help from an entrepreneur who has been there before.


Building an Overnight Success, day by day working on:

✔ turning your passion into a business idea

✔ creating strong foundations for your new business

✔ starting a business that will impact you and people all over the world

✔ understanding your target audience

✔ laser focused marketing for your niche

✔ picking a social media platform that works well for you and focusing on that

✔ setting up your website

✔ learning what sales funnels are and how to use them

✔ creating a lead magnet to attract your client (don’t worry if you don’t know what this is just yet)

✔ mastering how to create beautiful PDFs and graphics for posts for free

✔ mapping out a strategy for the next 12 months

✔ being a part of a community of phenomenal business women to support and lean on.


At the end of this course you will have your new business in place with the foundations to build a strong successful future, allowing you to be in control of your own security!

Places are limited and filled on a first come first served basis.

Starts 29th March 2021

Claire Morris
Denny Hagel

Why work with me?

My name is Tara Chatzakis and I am passionate about helping women become entrepreneurs, and living a life on their terms. Working from where and when they choose.


I love helping women build strong, sustainable businesses that give them the financial freedom to choose.


Having left my corporate career to become a full time coach and mentor I know what it takes to succeed, so I pull out all the stops to make sure that you are fully prepared to take centre stage in your life.


I am a passionate Speaker and the podcast host of Happy Inspired Motivated, rated in the top 10% globally.

Tara Chatzakis

I have been blessed to work with people from all over the world in many different industries and walks of life!


From fitness professionals to digital marketers to bid writers.

From content creators to authors to business relationship strategists.

From network marketers to artists to CEOs of foundations.

From fast food managers to teachers to online course creators.


I have had the privilege of help them achieve their dreams through business and law of attraction coaching, as well as social media marketing campaigns during my time working under Kim Garst. Now I use a combination of everything I have learned to nurture my clients and enable them to take their lives to the next level.


So how does this work?

For the Overnight Success programme we come together for 12 weeks to build your successful business. Each week we’ll look at a segment of your new business and you’ll have time to implement, ask questions and even be in the hot seat too if you want to.


You will:

 Build a successful business so you can impact your life 

✔ Create financial security for you and your family

✔ Have a work/life balance that fits your schedule

✔ Have the freedom to choose when and where you work

✔ Feel empowered and confident to step up and become a business owner regardless of other people’s opinion

Make a difference in your life and the lives of others

✔ Set up your business with a strong online presence for your ideal client

Learn the tech you need to launch your business and grow

✔ Create a plan for the next 12 months


As a member of our group you will:

✔ have access to weekly group zoom sessions

✔ be invited to 3 private 1:1 coaching calls for personalised feedback and action plans

✔ attend weekly Q&A and hot seat sessions

✔ be able to bond with other wonderful women who are looking to grow their businesses over the next three months. 

✔ have the opportunity to form future collaborations

✔ have the opportunity to be featured on the Happy Inspired Motivated podcast to get you in front of millions of people worldwide

Samantha Vincent
Michelle Barbuto

How much is the investment?

You are investing your time, your energy and your money.

All highly successful entrepreneurs have a coach and so why shouldn’t you?

On this programme you get to work with a group of women entrepreneurs who will support and advise you, as well as working directly with me.

Investment for the 12 weeks:

3 instalment x £250.00.

One off payment £697.00. 


VIP option.

All of the above plus access to me via *Voxer for the duration of the coaching programme.

3 instalment x £290.00.

One off payment £797.00. 


Places are limited and filled on a first come first served basis.


Starts 29th March 2021


Any questions please contact me [email protected]

*Voxer – voice messenger service



Who is my coaching for?


This coaching is for women who have big dreams and are committed to making a change in their lives, that will impact others. 


For women who have started a business and are wanting more clarity and focus to move forward.


I love working with consultants, accountants, photographers, artists, authors, spiritual mentors, holistic professionals, health and wellness professionals, tarot card readers, yoga teachers, energy healers, social media experts, web designers, graphic designers, interior designers, hairstylists, masseurs, musicians, chefs, bakers, and any luscious ladies who want to be their own boss both part time and full time.

Tara Chatzakis

What can I expect from your coaching?

Expect me to be honest and to keep you on track to get things done. Together we will discuss action points for you to cover in-between sessions. 


I have an idea for a new business, can you help me?

Most definitely. If you have an idea already we can start to work on how to make your business idea a reality and create strong foundations for you to build from.


I have no idea what I want to do, can you help me?

Yes, we can tap into your passions and find the business side you.


I want to turn my hobby business into my full-time work, can you help me?

Yep, that’s exactly what I did. Before I took my coaching full time I worked it alongside my career. I love seeing women transition into being phenomenal entrepreneurs.

Investment options:

3 x £250.00.

1 x £697.00 


VIP option, including *Voxer support

3 x £290 

1 x £797 


Spaces are limited for this coaching programme so people will be accepted on a first come first served basis.


Starts 29th March 2021


Any questions please contact me [email protected]

*Voxer – voice messenger service

Tara Chatzakis
Danielle Merletti
Terressa Cortez
Rebecca Wardlow
Renee McLaughlin
Kim Hailstone
Louise Myers


All results from past and future clients are dependant on the time committed and the desire to succeed.

There is no guarantee that you will create a successful business or become financially abundant using the ideas, strategies and techniques in this programme. 

Any examples are not a promise or guarantee of success. This is dependent on you as the coaching client and your interpretation and execution of actions discussed.

This product is not a “get rich scheme.”

Coaching will guide you in the direction of your ambitions and dreams, offering techniques that have worked for other clients but at the end of the day it is your responsibility to do the work and to do it to the level required to succeed.

By starting this coaching programme you are investing your time, energy and money in yourself, your business and your future.

All individuals have different results and we are not responsible for your actions or outcomes.

We cannot promise that you will achieve results similar to those of previous clients.

You are aware that working with a coach involves a financial commitment apart from the initial call for an informal chat.

Tara Chatzakis Coaching is based in the UK and is governed by UK law. Any disputes will be handled within the UK courts, regardless of the client’s country of residence. By agreeing to work with this company you are agreeing to these conditions.