Does starting a business seem impossible?

Have you reached a point in your life where you feel it’s now or never? If you don’t take the chance you’ll never do it.

Perhaps you have had enough of the 9 to grind and want to start up your own business and claim back some of that time freedom you’ve been talking about for years.


It could be that you’ve been a stay at home mum, but now the kids are no longer at home, so it’s your chance to do what you always dreamed off.

Or maybe you’ve found yourself without work and are thinking that this is the perfect opportunity for you to create that business you’ve always talked about.


Whatever the reason you found yourself here let us just start by saying that change doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming.  

Now is the perfect time for you to start a business. More and more people, especially women, are taking control of their futures and starting their own businesses. So why not you?


It can be scary, difficult and lonely but it doesn’t have to be.


Introducing the Overnight Success Academy

Overnight Success Academy

Does the thought of starting your own business excite you and scare you at the same time?


Would you love to be able to work when and where you choose but don’t think you have the expertise to be able to help people?


Does the ‘business’ side frighten the life out of you?


I mean thinking about websites, social media platforms, finding a niche and getting visible is such a lot to take in.

That’s where the Overnight Success Academy can help. Taking the stress and overwhelm out of starting your own business. The whole process is broken down into 3 easy modules that you can access whenever you choose.


Right from the start you’ll be amazed just how easy the process actually is. Starting with overcoming your limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours so you can put your full focus on creating the best business for you.

Take Chelsea for example

Chelsea Doyle

Chelsea was a professional on the up but her lack of self confidence and doubt were stopping from fully stepping into her role as a powerful, driven, dynamic woman.


She came to me to help her get past the limiting beliefs that were holding her back so she could show up with more drive and ambition.

After 6 weeks Chelsea said…

“I feel like your work has made a massive improvement on my life….

I feel a lot more able to do anything and everything….

When we talk about goals and the future, you really emphasise the point of being specific on what I want and how to get to it….


“The sessions have help me most by allowing myself to reflect in a safe space and really exploring what needed to change to achieve my goals.”

In the beta phase there is a live element too!

The Overnight Success Academy, is here to help you build a strong, sustainable business that you are passionate about, with help from an entrepreneur who has been there before.


Building an Overnight Success, day by day, working through my 3 pillars to success:


✔ Overcoming your limiting beliefs

✔ Learning how the Law of Attraction can help you manifest your dream business

✔ Understanding which self sabotaging behaviours have held you back in the past

✔ Becoming aware of how you react to stress and ultimately stop yourself from growing

✔ Identifying what you are passionate about and turning that passion into a business idea

✔ Creating strong foundations for your new business

✔ Starting a business that will impact you and people all over the world

✔ Understanding who your target audience and where they are

✔ Getting clear and focused around your marketing for your niche

✔ Picking a social media platform that works well for you and focusing on that

As part of the Overnight Success Academy you have access to Bonuses from experts in their field too.

Created just for you and with this programme in mind.


Bonuses you’ll find on the inside…

✔ Looking at what kind of website you need and how to start using WordPress

✔ Understanding how SEO can help your visibility 

✔ Learning what sales funnels are and how to use them

✔ Working out whether you need a lead magnet to attract your client (don’t worry if you don’t know what this is just yet) and how to create one

✔ Mastering how to create beautiful PDFs and graphics for posts for free

✔ What branding is and how to do it effectively

Crafting your story for P.R. purposes and why that’s important

EFT using tapping to create more abundance in your life

✔ Whether you need a Facebook group and how to create a rocking community inside one if you do

✔ How to get the best out of your copywriting to attract your ideal client

✔ Being a part of a community of phenomenal business women to support and lean on.

That all sound s good but what does it all mean to you, in the end?

What you'll walk away with

At the end of this course you will have built the confidence and mindset to be able to take your new business into the market place.


You will have the know-how and foundations in place on which to build a strong successful future, allowing you to be in control of your own security!


The Overnight Success Academy is currently in beta phase.


If you would like to apply please book a call with me to see if this programme can help you.


During this beta phase you will also received 8 x 1:1 coaching sessions, with me, to ensure that you get the best out of your time with us.


The 1:1 coaching offer is only available during this beta phase.

So what do you get?

✔ 3 month programme working through my 3 Pillars to Success

✔ Looking at Clarity – limiting beliefs, mindset and self sabotage behaviours

✔ Focus – your passions in business, which model can make you the most money and who you are working with

✔ Action – getting visible, how and why

Value: £997



✔  Over 10 bonus trainings from experts in

  • WordPress,
  • Branding,
  • PR,
  • Facebook,
  • Social Media,
  • EFT,
  • Copywriting,
  • Emails automations,
  • Graphics,
  • Posting online and how to make it easier

Value £2,500 



✔ 8 x 1:1  coaching calls throughout the initial 3 months of your Overnight Success Academy 

  3 months direct email support from me

Value £2,000


Total value of the Overnight Success Academy £5,497.


All this is yours for just £997.00


Beta phase is open, at this special price until 30th April. The price will be going up once the initial cohort have graduated.

Claire Morris
Denny Hagel

Why do I feel I can help you?

I am passionate about helping ambitious women live a life on their terms. Whether that is a new career move, more time freedom, or a new business venture, I’m with you all the way.


I love helping women build strong, sustainable businesses that give them the financial freedom to choose, or step into a new fulfilling career.


Having left my corporate career to become a full time coach and mentor I know what it takes to succeed, so I pull out all the stops to make sure that you are fully prepared to take centre stage in your life.


I am a passionate Speaker and the podcast host of Happy Inspired Motivated, rated in the top 10% globally.

Tara Chatzakis

I have been blessed to work with people from all over the world in many different industries and walks of life!


From fitness professionals to digital marketers to bid writers.

From content creators to authors to business relationship strategists.

From network marketers to artists to CEOs of foundations.

From fast food managers to teachers to online course creators.


I have had the privilege of help them achieve their dreams through business and law of attraction coaching, as well as social media marketing campaigns during my time working under Kim Garst. Now I use a combination of everything I have learned to nurture my clients and enable them to take their lives to the next level.

Samantha Vincent
Michelle Barbuto


Who is my coaching for?

I work with ambitious women who have big dreams and are committed to making a change in their lives, that will impact themselves and others.


What can I expect from your coaching?

Expect me to be honest and to keep you on track to get things done. Together we will discuss action points for you to cover in-between sessions. 


I have an idea for a new business, can you help me?

Most definitely. If you have an idea already we can start to work on how to make your business idea a reality and create strong foundations for you to build from.

Tara Chatzakis
Danielle Merletti
Terressa Cortez
Rebecca Wardlow
Renee McLaughlin
Kim Hailstone
Louise Myers