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Is your past blocking your future?

Is your past blocking your future?

When there seems to be something blocking your success. When you are doing all the right things but nothing is working. The clients aren’t in full flow, the money is hit and miss and yet you are working so hard on your business.

What is the problem?

Today I’m posing the question…what if it’s your past that is blocking your future?

In this episode you’ll find real life examples of how some of my clients have, even with a full list of wants and desires, stopped abundance from coming to them. How things from their past that aren’t seemingly related to their business keep them back.

Perhaps it is what you were taught about money and success as a child. Or what you witnessed happening in your home when money and business were involved.

My clients are always surprised by what comes up for them in our sessions. And until they become aware they can’t connect the dots.

Who knows, you just might find out the reason why things have been slow for you too.

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