Hi my beautiful Goddess! Are you ready to become the true inner you?

When you aren’t showing up 100% you become frustrated which leads more arguments at home and feeling resentful.

When you are NOT giving the world your highest potential it’s a struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

When you aren’t doing what you really want to do it leaves you with an empty feeling inside.

BUT when you DO become the Goddess that you truly are you become aligned with your future giving you more self confidence, money, time, freedom, and power.

Not too long ago...

Tara Chatzakis Coaching

I had been signed off with stress from my job. My working environment was making me miserable and I felt deep inside my soul that there had to be more to life. This couldn’t be it!


I hadn’t signed up for just getting by, saving up for holidays, saying no to my girls all the time, feeling like a constant failure.


It would have been easy to stay put, but easy was all I had ever chosen. This time I knew I had to follow my dream, instead of following the sheep.

I had already certified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner, with Dr Joe Vitale from The Secret, and I had retrained with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, and certified as a Robbins Madanes Coach. 

I had the skills, but I didn’t have the courage. I was scared to step away from what everyone else was doing.

I was refusing to be my true Goddess. But the feeling kept getting stronger. 

I could feel that there was a shift in the world and I needed to be a part of that. People needed me more than I needed my fears.

Daniella Lace Goddess Activate IgniteCoaching Program

Aren't you supposed to be happy?

People always say ‘Be happy with your lot’ . So we follow society’s model of success… School, University, life partner, house, and kids.

And we feel guilty when that’s not enough.

What’s wrong with me? Shouldn’t I be happy?

I’m here to tell you that you’re not ‘supposed’ to be anything, except true to yourself.

If you are questioning ‘Is there more to life?’ then you aren’t living your fullest and most best life, yet.

When that feeling comes, it’s your inner Goddess telling you it’s time to step up.

Tara Chatzakis
Goddess Activate Ignite Coaching Program Lynne Hilton testimonial

I became my first client...

I got to know my REAL goals and dreams so I could PROVE my manifesting formula worked.


I created a SUCCESS plan and worked on it daily, to shift my energy for increased self confidence & high self esteem


I wrote my signature positive mind scripts so I could take back control of my life and ditch the victim mindset


I harnessed the energies of the universe for amplified manifesting power.


I became energetically aligned with my passions and got real about what my success meant to me.

Goddess Activate Ignite Coaching Program Tara Chatzakis, with Kalli, Andi & Gabby Chatzakis

I had been scared that success would mean I would have to do some ‘adulting’, like start paying my own taxes and do some money management.

So I shifted from that fear and focused on what I had achieved, like my three amazing Goddess daughters.

As I worked on my list I began to feel empowered…

There is more to life, as a Goddess…

As my past clients will agree, your becoming empowered to make those shifts opens up a new reality straight away, and when your dreams appear they are so much better than you had ever imagined!

Picture yourself…

Feeling empowered with renewed self confidence.

Living with passion rather than anger and fear.

Finally knowing what it is you want from life and living that.

Being able to dream and set goals for the year ahead, not just living week by week.

Your own financial independence and feeling worthy of it.

Looking younger than you did 10 years ago.


More energy and better health.

Doing what sets your soul on fire.

Successful, loving relationships with those you love. 

Feeling like your being here makes a difference

No more masking your disappointment with your life by making excuses, blaming others, binge drinking, tension, miscommunication mixed with aggression (which is really aimed at yourself) that is projected into your relationships. No more hurting yourself and the ones you love.


Tara Chatzakis

And that's just the beginning...

Some of my clients have gone on to build new businesses, create goals for the first time in their lives, re-ignite the passion in their relationships, found inner peace, bagged that promotion, doubled their salaries, started meditating and more.

But my coaching isn’t about getting you the same results. My coaching is about getting you the results that you want.

That’s why we work together and tailor every session to your needs.

So, what do you get?

  • More happiness, love, joy and laughter to start with.
  • More money in your bank account
  • Success in your business or work
  • Better relationships
  • The motivation, desire and energy to do what needs to be done
  • An end to that negative self talk
  • Time, money and energy freedom
  • Less stress and tension
  • Getting unstuck from the cycle of doing more and feeling less
  • Knowing you CAN do it
  • Unstoppable drive and determination

As one of my Godesses you’ll see rapid transformation in your life using my PROVEN Signature techniques.

Goddess Activate Ignite Coaching Program Helen Adams, Global leader of the female business revolution

How I work with my Goddesses ...

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