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Jade Asha

Jade Asha is a successful actress and voiceover artist. She owns her own multi-award winning production company and voiceover company.

She is in love with her life, and success seems easy for her. However, it wasn’t always like that. 


Jade had to take the risk, to get to where she is today.

She could have stayed where she was, as a receptionist, and life probably would have been good. But, she knew she wanted so much more.


She faced her fears, smashed her limiting beliefs and went for it. And, do you know what? It paid off!


Read Jade’s story…

Meet Jade Asha

With no formal qualifications past my GCSE’s and a BTEC, I’d done well to bag myself a 24k a year reception job at the age of Twenty-two. liked the job, I was progressing fast and the managers had faith in me. But I got the Sunday blues and I got it bad. Knowing that 8am on Monday morning I would be there with a full face of makeup to happily greet the staff who just didn’t care. My boss was bullying me. It really messed with my mental health to the point that my whole weekend would be ruined worrying about the following week.

Jade Asha

On top of that, I couldn’t help the looming feeling that time was moving fast and if I didn’t pursue the love of my life, the thing that keeps my heart beating every day then I might regret it. Acting. My blessing and my curse. Nothing got to me like acting. So I took a leap of faith! I handed in my notice, applied to all of the top promotion agencies in London and quit my job…. in a recession. Yeah. What an idiot. Of course, I didn’t think so. I felt like a badass entrepreneur! Yeah! I’m quitting my job to be an actor.

I was lucky to have so much support, I was a scary decision.

All except for my boyfriend at the time and his family who were very pessimistic about the whole thing. They thought I was delusional and making the biggest mistake of my life. Maybe they had a point. But this is what I was going to do and no one was going to stop me. That relationship ended shortly after.

Jade Asha

It wasn’t an easy journey and I encountered a lot of failures along the way but now I know that it was the best decision of my life. Now with a best actor award, over 70 acting credits, over 400 voiceover credits, my own multi-award winning production company and voiceover company JADE ASHA VOICEOVERS. If you’re not happy in your life or career and are scared about making that decision then I would say go for it, it’s a cliché but life is short and you won’t regret it.

If I could only go back and tell my 23-year-old self that it’s all going to be ok, I would.

By Jade Asha


Find out more about Jade at www.jadeashavoiceovers.com

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