Law of Attraction Summer Coaching

Law of Attraction Coaching

Are you a woman who knows her worth and values her self development?

Do you want your life to be fulfilled and effortlessly in the flow?

Then this programme is for you!

Law of Attraction Summer Coaching

Does your business take a back seat in the summer?


Are you concerned about taking time off and losing momentum?


Release your guilt and allow yourself time to rejuvenate.


Knowing you will come back stronger and more focused in the autumn.


Give back to yourself this summer by getting your manifesting mindset ready for an explosive next quarter.


🌞 The summer Law of Attraction Programme! ❤


Working together for an hour a week, over the summer, bringing it all together in September.


Moving past your money blocks and limiting beliefs so you can come back from the holidays in your full potential and power.


What will we do?

🌟 start from where you are right now
🌟 work through behaviours that have been holding you back
🌟 raise your energy levels so nothing fazes you
🌟 tap into your goals so they are crystal clear, and the universe knows exactly what you want
🌟 Release beliefs that keep you on that plateau
🌟 set new intentions that you can easily achieve
🌟 align your soul with your purpose and bring them together to work in harmony
🌟 get you ready to fly when the kids go back to school


Are you ready?


Then let’s do this!!!


Book a free, no obligation call, so we can have a chat and get things in motion.


The universe loves it when we take action!


Love T ❤

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