Ssshhh…let’s not talk about money. episode 120 happy inspired motivated Podcast

Let’s not talk about money.

Let’s not talk about money.

Oh my goodness money is such a taboo subject! Who knew?

I never used to talk about it. Never allowed it to come up in conversation, apart from on a superficial level, in passing comment on how cheap something was. I never spoke about how expensive something was, it wasn’t acceptable to talk about spending a lot of money.

Even a compliment given about your outfit brings embarrassment about how much you paid for it…”What this old thing? I got it in the sale” or “I’ve had it for ages”. How often do you turn around and say “Thank you, it’s a Dior original”?

YES! You know it’s true!

And how often do you actually talk about money? If it happens to come up in conversation what feelings come up for you? Shame? Guilt? Fear? Worry? Worthiness?

It’s no wonder that money never comes into your life, or leaves pretty quickly never staying for very long. It’s like a dirty word, and we don’t treat money with the respect it deserves.

What’s your relationship with yourself and money?

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