Life as an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster

Life as an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster.

Life as an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster.

As we grow up, unless our parents are entrepreneurs, we become conditioned into the belief that we go to school. Then go to college or university, which will lead us to a good job. We believe that we need a job to pay the bills and have a steady income.

And it’s true that if you are employed you do have a steady pay check. Every month you are guaranteed to receive £XYZ.

Through employment your life goes along a steady path, but it's no rollercoaster ride.

If you become self employed you step off the beaten track and defy the norm. This can bring about a certain amount of fear in your mind. You are passionate about your work. But the fear in your head brings the little voice out reminding you that ‘You need a job’ which implies being employed.

How different would your life be if you were self-employed?

How amazing would it be if you brought your unique skills to the table?


You see the thing about being on that steady path is, yes you are certain that you will get paid and you have some security. However, if you don’t ever experience the lows, you can never experience the highs.


And that’s the joy of being an entrepreneur! Life as an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster.

True, you might not be guaranteed that £1,500 a month pay check, but in reality you could make that in one hour, or perhaps make nothing!


As entrepreneurs we are blessed to step out of the normal way of living, to have the excitement and thrill of an unlimited amount of earning and growth potential. There are no limits to what we can achieve, apart from those we put on ourselves.


I love rollercoasters, (in business and literally) but they aren’t for everyone. The plunge down is the most exhilarating and makes you scream, while the slow chug upwards to the peak is scary AF!


Yep, sounds like a typical day to me!


What do you love about being an entrepreneur, or the idea of it?

Sending love and blessings!


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