Law of Attraction Coaching – 8 weeks for massive change

If you’re someone who wants more, who has dreams to be living a life filled with abundance, then this is for you.

I’m tired of seeing people meditate, visualise and affirm, just to be stuck in exactly the same place months down the line.

8 week coaching programme

Are you a woman who wants…


🥇 A new way of thinking.

🥇 Self belief.

🥇 Confidence

🥇 To attract the business you deserve and desire.

🥇 Increased energy

🥇 More joy, happiness, abundance.

🥇 Love for your business and life.

🥇 Better relationships.

🥇 Self care.

🥇 Self love.

🥇 Infinite possibilities


Then this is for you.


In this 8 week coaching programme I will show you what you’ve been missing, the YOU that’s behind your problems and how to get those quantum leaps people talk about.


So that you can dramatically change your life in weeks, not months and years.


YOU can do this, even if you haven’t had any success in manifesting before, with my Coaching. 


You’ll find yourself

🌟 having energetic shifts & quantum leaps
🌟 getting past fears and blocks
🌟 becoming a more determined action taker
🌟 becoming more powerful, not forceful
🌟 attracting abundance in all areas of your life


You will shift your thinking so you can achieve what you have only ever dreamed about.

I’ll admit that with the law of Attraction Coaching…


I’m here to stoke some fires 🔥

I’m here to trigger you to get you moving 💯

I’m on a mission to wake you up so you don’t accept mediocre anymore 🌟


When I see women who have IT feeling uncomfortable because they are too afraid to show it, afraid of what people might think…


When I see women apologising for their strength and gifts…


That’s when I see a powerful, dedicated, determined action taker waiting to set herself free. It’s the discomfort that lets us know we are ready.

But the 8 week law of attraction coaching programme is going to require change, without it you’ll see no progress.


Staying in the same routine, doing the same actions will always get you the same results.


You have to be hungry for it.

You have to want it enough to work for it.

It’s going to be hard work, but the hardest work is always internally.


I mean, let’s be honest here…


Do you forever ask yourself if you’re good enough?

If you are worthy enough?

If you are special enough?


My coaching uncovers some of your most uncomfortable beliefs, but once they are out in the open they can’t influence you anymore.


No more self doubt, lack of confidence, feelings of unworthiness. No more letting that damn ego stop you from success.


After 8 weeks one of my clients showed up as the manager she was and stepped into her promotion and huge salary increase.


One valued herself enough to hold out for the job she truly wanted, and got it!


And yet another found her true vision ad focus and started her own business.


Who knows what YOU might achieve?


Are you willing to put in the work and be uncomfortable for a few weeks, to get what you really want in your life?

Then let’s do this!


This time around this is a 1:1 coaching programme and requires a financial investment from you of £2,000 for the 8 weeks.


This price is valid until 15th September, when the price will be going up to £2,500. Payment plans are available.


To discuss whether this is right for you book a free, no obligation call, so we can have a chat and get things in motion.


Coaching starts 29th September 2021, for only 10 clients this time.


Will you be one of the 10 to change their lives in 8 weeks?


The universe loves it when we take action! (just putting that out there)


Love T ❤