Making the making of money fun episode 134 happy inspired motivated Podcast

Making money fun

Making money fun.

Making the making of money fun doesn’t have to be hard work. It doesn’t require hustle and struggle. It can be all about ease and flow.

On a monthly basis we have a set amount that we need, in order to feel safe. That amount covers your mortgage and the bills, and we often get caught up in a stress and desperation energy striving to make that amount.

And that’s what makes making money such hard work.

As an entrepreneur you are responsible for the in flow of money in your business. And that can place immense pressure on you, your marketing and the energy of money.

Fear is one of the biggest money repellents out there. And being scared of money coming in generates that negative energy within our body.

Focusing on the end result, your desires, takes the pressure off and allows you to shift your energy to one of joy, excitement, fun and abundance.

Use these simple shifts to change your mindset to one of fun and abundance allowing you to attract the money you really want every month.

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