Manifest your dreams

One of the biggest reasons you haven’t manifested your dreams yet.

When you want to manifest your dreams, make them your reality, you’ve got to have goals.


Goals are so important. You have to know where you want to go, otherwise you don’t have a path.


If you keep saying ‘I want to be rich’ but can’t get clear on what rich actually means to you, then how will you know when you get there? How will you plan to get there?


Saying ‘I want to be fit and healthy’ but don’t have the end goal in mind then fit and healthy could simply mean that for lunch you had a balanced meal, rather than crisps and a chocolate bar.


Goals are the starting point of any dream. They are what get you excited, and get you out of bed in a morning. They keep you putting one foot in front of the other, even when the days seem so long, and sometimes they will.


It is always the first thing we discuss in my coaching programme, because if you are stood at a crossroads with 4 different choices, how will you know which way to go?

BUT it is your goals which have stopped you from manifesting your dreams and desires!

I know, that doesn’t totally make sense, so let me explain myself a bit better. Put it into perspective for you…


Goals, dreams and desires are great. Clarity on what you want is essential in order for you to be able to take action. All goals and dreams come with a feeling of excitement, and that is one of the driving forces behind manifesting (we can talk about that later), so if we are aimlessly trying to manifest ‘something’, ‘anything’ then we aren’t going to get great results. But as I said, it is the goals that are getting in your way and causing you to fail!

Let me tell you a story... Meet Jane.

She is a mother of two children aged 4 and 6 and works full time. On the weekend, Jane enjoys spending time with her children and her partner. She cooks a healthy meal most nights and prides herself on her healthy choices. In the evenings, after she has put the children to bed and tidied around the house, she is exhausted, and usually slumps on the sofa to watch some TV.


Jane feels frumpy and is still carrying some of her ‘baby’ weight. She would love to be fit and toned like in her pre-baby years. As part of her New Year’s resolutions, Jane started a gym membership and joined Weight Watchers. Devoted to her goals, she went religiously to both. That didn’t last for long. She saw some small results, but she would return home feeling hungrier and would then start indulging more.


Her weight and appearance have started to really bring Jane down. Years ago it was so easy to stay in shape, but nothing seems to work anymore.


In January she was so motivated! She had big goals to lose 25lbs, rebuild her strength and get her bikini body back, in time for the summer. She was dead set on achieving her goals, but it didn’t happen. See even visualised her ‘new’ look, made a vision board and meditated because that had worked for her friend Jessica.


She now realises that she is no good and doing any of that stuff. It only works for some people.

Jane is not alone. Many people have lost the will to manifest their dreams because it isn’t working for them. Can you relate to that?

A secret to success, that I can share, is milestones.

If your goal is to run a marathon but you have never even run for the bus before, then you are going to have to start with a smaller goal and progress from that. Perhaps your first goal could be to be able to run for 5 minutes, and then 7 minutes, and then 1/2 a mile and so on. As you celebrate each small goal you can create a new goal that will get you closer to the main goal of running that marathon.


If you plan to build a successful business, but have never been in business before, then perhaps you could start by learning how to be in a business mindset first. Then understand the best business model and strategy for you. In order to go from 0 to 6 figures you will have to pass the £100 milestone, the £1000 milestones, and the £100,000 milestone first, so why not make them your mini goals along the way?

Creating and celebrating mini goals, or milestones on route to your big dream will show you that you are on the right track.

Manifesting your dreams isn’t about the universe being a genie who will magically deliver your dreams to you as soon as you have asked for them. Although you will have set the wheels in motion, by working on your manifesting and mindset, there always needs to be specific changes that need to take place before your dream appears. It is during that time that most people get discouraged. They don’t look for the smaller goals that they are achieving, which, when seen, show a definite path to success!


Set your BIG goals, dreams and desires! Make them really big! Massive! then work on the smaller goals and dreams in between, milestones that will show you you are on your way. Or just make your couple of mini goals first, and keep adding to them as you achieve each one. Using this approach has always worked in my life, and it is the first step in any coaching I do.

Goals - Actions - Celebrate - Evaluate!

Let’s manifest your dreams (you can have a free copy of my Manifestation Journal to help with that).


What is your biggest take away from this post, today? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear what really resonated with you!


  1. Such a simple yet brilliant idea to get us moving- setting your goals, step by step. Thanks Tara xxx

    1. Hi Jayne! Thank you! Manifesting is so powerful and we are all capable of doing it consciously.

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