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Daniel Mangena, Tacos, Sunshine and Manifestnation

Daniel Mangena is the powerhouse behind Dream With Dan, as well as the new soon-to-be-released Amazon documentary, Manifestnation.

In our interview Dan explains how, while on a meditation retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he had what he calls a psychedelic 3D virtual reality meta verse experience during a walking meditation. That day changed his life.

After being shown his future, he went back to London, closed his business down, backed out of the house he was buying and set out travelling the world. Dan may have thought he ‘had it all’ before, but leaving the UK was the best decision he ever made. Soon his life began to get a whole lot better!

Dan has since moved to Mexico and continues to work with clients all over the world, virtually.

His newest venture is a documentary, coming to Amazon in June, entitled Manifestnation.

Dan has been quoted by Oprah, and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes, TEDx, Fox and many more.

Dan’s gift to you can be found www.dreamwithdan.com/happy

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