Tara Chatzakis Manifestation & Business Success Coach

Perhaps you are struggling to take your business to the next level.


Perhaps you find yourself having crazy highs and lows in your finances and client attraction.


Perhaps you’re beginning to question if your business is ever going to succeed.


Or perhaps you are looking for a coach that will help empower you, increase your impact and income, attract more clients and enable you to be in control of your future.


Let me introduce myself and share how I quickly bounced back from broke to over £60,000 by using the law of attraction.


I spent so much time and money on my business, making sure it was perfect. Learning the strategies, niching down, creating the lead magnet, even launching a podcast.


But I was constantly stuck. Attracting multiple clients one month, then nothing for the next six.


It was all too hit and miss. I felt like a failure and thoughts of jacking it in were ever present in my day to day life.


If only I could consistently get more clients and make more money then I’d be happy.


But it wasn’t until my bank balance was literally nearing zero that I decided to step back and really look at my relationship with myself. I had to do the inner work. 


I knew my business was good, but I hadn’t healed inside. So I did. 

Tara Chatzakis Manifestation & Business Success Coach

I stopped looking for another ‘magic formula’ that was ‘guaranteed’ to bring me success and focused on becoming aware of my thoughts, beliefs and actions.


I soon realised that even though I desperately wanted business success I didn’t really (deep down) believe I was worthy of it, which meant that every thought, belief and action was causing the opposite of what I wanted. Literally pushing my success away!



I used everything I had learned as a Law of Attraction Expert and my Strategic Intervention Techniques through the Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Training to create a profound shift in myself and the world around me.



It is now my mission to empower other ambitious female entrepreneurs  to manifest abundant business success. Creating strength, power and freedom from within. One client calls me the manifesting queen!

Are you interested in learning more about how to shift into ultimate business success? Are you ready to say yes to yourself and your dreams?

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