Mind, body & soul

Mind, Body & Soul

Mind, Body & Soul

  • I believe in the universe.
  • I believe in the law of attraction.
  • I believe in manifesting.

I believe the fastest way to getting what you want in life is to create a happy and healthy mind, body and soul.

When we talk about the law of attraction we say that ‘like attracts like’. So, you would think that to get love, you have to give love, but it is more of a ‘to get love you have to be love’ scenario.


How much you love someone, does not equal how much they love you back. It’s not a straight swap. The same is true for everything in the universe.


To be happy, do you have to make people happy? No, you have to create your own happiness. To be healthy, do you have to make someone else healthy? No, of course not! To receive inner peace, do you have to find someone else’s inner peace first? Erm, no!


We need balance and health in the mind, body and soul. I believe that for the best results we need to work on all three.


Can you manifest by only focusing on one? Most certainly you can, but as you do manifest the other two will follow. It is just more effective and time saving to work on all three together.


Imagine that you want to get fitter, get that beach body for your holidays. In order to achieve that you would probably start exercising (working on the body). That would give you the figure you want. Eventually, your mind would tag along, because it would like the new-found confidence and so would consciously choose healthier foods to work with the exercise. The act of feeling good in this new body would raise your body’s energetic levels which is connected to your soul.

If your mind never gets on board, then give it a month and you’ll soon find excuses to not exercise. Life is just too busy, right?

If you stop going to the gym then your body’s energetic levels will drop (nothing sinister to do with blood pressure or anything, I promise) and you will end up in the same cycle again.


So why not work on the mind, body and soul at the same time?


Imagine this…

  • Your body is willing and excited to go to the gym.
  • Your mind is well up for it.
  • Your soul is already getting into the new groove.


And guess what? You will manifest your beach body. It will be easy and effortless (sorry, the muscles might still ache though!).

I know how it feels to be stuck.

I tried so many times to manifest but my whole being wasn’t on board. As I said earlier, you have to ‘be’ happy to manifest happiness. You have to ‘be’ love to get love, and you need mind, body and soul working together to ‘be’.

Improving them all together is a recipe for success. By gradually adding gentle exercise to your daily routine and increasing the amount of water and veggies you eat the body becomes happy. 


By meditating, setting goals and checking in to evaluate your progress, makes the mind happy. And by incorporating visualising techniques, creating excitement the soul is happy.  Try this at home. Know what you want to manifest and tap into the ‘feeling good’ energy by addressing your mind, body and soul. You will manifest your desires much sooner.

How are you going to get your mind, body and soul on the same path to creating your dream life?

Sending love and blessings



  1. Hey Tara

    I am unsure where to start with getting my mind body and soul on track for the new life I am destined for.
    I am still unsure what i really want and presume that’s because my body and soul are not in sync.
    I know only I can work out what I really want in life, I also know that I shouldn’t want what is expected of me.
    I wake up one day thinking yes this is the life I want to live then the next day I’m unsure. Doubt creeps in and I am working on that little voice putting it to the back of my mind, not listening to the voice that tells me I’m not worthy and listening to the voice that says why am I not. Not finding a reason why affirms me that I am worthy.
    I am meditating most days using the visualization meditation just to see if I can visualise the future me I really want but finding it difficult.
    I just thought I would share where I am right now and appreciate your comment.
    Love you.

    1. Hi Sam
      Getting your mind, body and soul in sync is the best way to manifest and in unison, they create a higher vibrational energy. The best process is to start with baby steps. Don’t expect to go from amateur to expert in a day, taking small actions will help you grow.
      Choose to love your body by perhaps making sure you get that 10-minute walk in every day, and by choosing to add a side salad and less potatoes with your dinner. Choose to love your mind by forgiving yourself for not being perfect and doing what feels right for you.
      If you are having trouble connecting to your future self break it down into milestones. You might not be able to see yourself in 12 months’ time right now, but if you are taking action steps to create that new you can you visualise yourself a week from now, or even a month? How will you be different by doing X, Y and Z this week? That’s the new you, you can connect to, and as you grow she will become stronger and change too.
      Sending love and blessings

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