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My story, living with the invisible scars

My story, living with the invisible scars. I haven’t openly talked about my past before, in fact I have kept it quiet because I didn’t want the repercussions from my ex-husband to create drama in my life.

I refused to call our relationship abusive, basically because he never hit me, but there is more to domestic abuse than physical violence.

The more we are aware of the different forms the more we can affect change and awareness in society. I had to learn that emotional, mental and financial control are also forms of abuse too, but it made me uncomfortable to accept and acknowledge that.

Now I need to speak up, to show others that it is OK to not have had the perfect life, and that it is those invisible scars that create the passionate people we are today.

If I hadn’t lived through that humiliating day in my primary school, which you’ll hear about in this episode, or married my ex-husband I doubt I would be the coach I am today.

I believe that my passion stems from my past. The reason I defy control in all its forms is because of what I went through, yet my learnings have meant that I am dedicated to supporting women to make sure that they know they are loved and supported.

To help them unlock the beautiful goddess within them so that they too can live in their highest potential, and make an impact in the world.

If my story helps one person today, I will be happy. If you know someone who needs to hear my story please share this episode with them so they know that what they are going through is not unsurpassable.

Please reach out to your local organisation for help if you are living through abuse. Life is too short to be just ‘good’ it needs to be great.

If you want to reach out message me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/tarachatzakis

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