A Mindful Gratitude Journal



30 Day Mindful Gratitude Journal

Learn how to harness the power of gratitude and transform your life.

You have never been more ready to experience the law of attraction, to start living your dreams and to discover an abundance of happiness. This journal is here to walk with you step by step. It guides you through 30 days, like no other, offering you inspiration, challenges, experiments and prompts to keep you mindfully engaged and living in the now.


A great tool for self-discovery keeping you focused on health, happiness, love, kindness and prosperity. Showing you simple steps to positively boost abundance, giving your life maximum results with minimum effort.

The Mindful Gratitude Journal is a powerful tool that will transform your life, bringing joy and blessings, using the law of attraction.

A copy will be downloaded to you immediately, so you can start straight away!


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