Ultimate Life Design Workbook



The ultimate life design workbook

The Ultimate Life Design Workbook, created to create your life beautified and simplified.


Life can get messy. Things blend in to one and we lose focus.


I know, I’ve been there. Not long ago my life was a terrible mess and I felt stuck. Everything I tried exhausted me and just drove me to despair when I failed time and again.


I kept running around that hamster wheel until I started to deliberately design my life.


You have got to clear out the old stuff in order to make way for the new . You can’t fit more into a box that is crammed full already. 


This beautifully designed Ultimate Life Design Workbook will be sent to you instantly, so you can start using straight away. 


This Life Design Workbook was designed specifically for you. It is intended to bring out the answers in you that you have been hiding!


You will get real with yourself and look at:

  • Declaring your intentions
  • Understanding why your life is cluttered
  • Ways to make way for the new
  • How to declutter
  • What is standing in your way of your successful life
  • Conquering obstacles
  • Creating space in your life for the good stuff to come in
  • Visualising your future
  • How a new future will impact your life
  • Breaking down your 6 month goals
  • Top three desires
  • Prioritising
  • Self sabotage
  • Connecting to your future self
  • Setting up your life for success
  • Actively moving into the new you
  • What it is like living your new life

PLUS a guided meditation to help you connect with and love yourself.

life design workbook
Body love meditation

Yours to download and start using today.

The Ultimate Life Design Workbook

The Body Love Meditation 

Yours for just £97.00


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