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    What is a Profitable Couch?

    Interview with Nikki Collinson-Phenix looking at how her business thrived during Covid 19.   Nikki is a chiropractor and business coach on a mission to help health and wellness professionals create incredible, impactful and profitable businesses through her brand The…

  • Lifestyle,  Mindset


    Your perception shapes your reality.  How you perceive situations determines your experience. The person who perceives themselves as the victim will inevitably see the glass as half empty and ‘woah is me’ kind of attitude. However, the person who has a positive perception will…

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    The world needs love right now

    A guided meditation to relax and calm the mind, body and soul. Filling your whole self with love and radiating that love out into the world. Be kind to yourself and appreciate everything you are, so you can give to…

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    Connection is key

    As human and spiritual beings connecting to each other is so important. We need to be able to speak and connect with people in order to live and grow. Some people find it difficult to talk to people that they…

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    Becoming whole again

      Throughout the years we tend to suppress certain parts of ourselves and allow other parts to dominate so we can be accepted and loved by other people. However, we need balance in our bodies to be truly at ease.…

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