Renie Cavallari, Own It, Shift It, Ditch It. episode 127 happy inspired motivated Podcast

Renie Cavallari, Own It, Shift It, Ditch It

Renie Cavallari, Own It, Shift It, Ditch It

This dynamo, Renie Cavallari, is an award-winning organisational anthropologist and member of the prestigious National Speakers Association. She is the founder of Aspire, a globally awarded leadership development, training, and strategic growth firm, and the RCI Institute, awakening human potential.

For over 25 years, Renie Cavallari has worked with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe to help their companies be better at what they do by providing practical, action-oriented applications, and proven processes to improve performance, cue the Own It, Shift It, Ditch It technique.

She is a Philly girl with a serious wanderlust problem; an aspiring jazz flutist, passionate cook, and the author of 6 books with her latest, HEADTRASH, the Leading Killer of Human Potential… an Amazon bestseller that recently won the best new business book from the prestigious Hollywood Book Festival Awards.

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If you are a business woman who is feeling overwhelmed and tired of trying to overcome limiting beliefs, that you KNOW are holding you back, let’s have a chat to see just how I can help you.

Because your business success is ready for you to take, at anytime.

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