12 ways for mums to make a business work in the holidays episode 141 happy inspired motivated Podcast

Save business time in the holidays

Save business time in the holidays.

Make your business work during the holidays, 12 ways to help you get through the summer.

Are you getting excited about the arrival of summer?

A lot of businesses slow down in the summer, especially if you have children. School holidays make working full time a bit more of a challenge, plus you want to spend time with your babies when they aren’t at school.

If you are torn between working on your business and being with your children I’d like to remind you to cut yourself some slack, and give you some ways to optimise your schedule in the coming months.

12 ways to save business time in the holidays, to be precise.

I know that you want to make your business work during the holidays but the years that your children are at home fly by so quickly, so of course you want to be still making memories with them.

My girls have grown and although we still spend time together they are off making memories with their friends and boyfriends quite a lot of the time. I wish that I had had my own business when they were younger so that I could have implemented some of these ways to get back time with them.

I still use these tips to free up time though, when they are home and want to hang out.

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