Soul aligned business

Soul aligned business

Creating a soul aligned authentic business with Jen Ems, Business Astrologer, Moon Goddess and Intuitive Alignment Guide.

Jen Ems is a Business Astrologer, Moon Goddess & Intuitive Alignment Guide who helps female entrepreneurs create a soul-aligned business that is emotionally, spiritually & authentically in-line with their life purpose.

She believes everyone is here for a reason so she helps uncover your unique soul magic by interpreting your birth chart and helping you infuse passion & purpose into your business.

In this interview Jen talks everything ‘moon’. Just how she helps her clients get the soul alignment they need to create so much more ease and flow in their business. And how birth charts massively affect your productivity.

I consider Jen a friend, but that’s not why I follow her on Instagram. Her stories and posts are always just what I need to hear and have helped me loads. If you don’t follow her, you totally should!

It’s all in the moon, the stars, the sun and the planets. If you didn’t know that before, you soon will! Take a listen to Jen, she is such a phenomenal guest and really explains everything so well!

Jen’s insta https://www.instagram.com/therealjenems/

Monthly moon calendar gift https://therealjenems.ck.page/bf7847b840

Align with your sun sign gift https://therealjenems.ck.page/c6cd7bf214

Connect with Jen via her website https://www.therealjenems.com

Check out this episode!

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