Patricia Lindner, Soul and Career Alchemist episode 124 happy inspired motivated Podcast

Soul and Career Alchemist, Patricia Lindner

Soul and Career Alchemist.

Patricia is an empowering, nurturing and rule-breaking, creative Soul and Career Alchemist. Her clients say that she is an advocate for ‘blissful expansion’ and a ‘catalyst for aligned expression’.

Patricia originally started out as a teacher and a teacher trainer, a job she absolutely loved. However aches and pains soon turned to ill health leading Patricia to take a year off from her beloved work. During that year she worked on bringing herself back to health and wellness, and it was during this journey that she found the holistic methodologies she now uses with her clients today.

Her creative passion shines through in her physical work too. Patricia has some impressive art work that she has created through her creative vision, a technique she uses with her clients to reconnect with the soul.

With her background in teaching, psychology, arts, intuitive work, writing as well as energy healing and Quantum Human Design, Patricia blends profound, holistic methods and transformational experiences.

Connect with Patricia: https://www.patricialindner.com

For a free consultation: https://calendly.com/patricia-lindner/humandesign?month=2022-02

Free guide: https://careercompass.work/free-guide1642369149412

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