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SWOT Sales on Steroids with Merit Kahn

Merit Kahn is the CEO of SELLect Sales Development. She is also the author of Myth Shift: Challenging The Truths That Sabotage Success and the co-host of The Smarter Sales Show podcast.

Merit is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and a Certified Speaking Professional. Since 1998, Merit has worked with salespeople, entrepreneurs, professionals and sales teams teaching them how to stop selling and start getting SELLected by their ideal clients.

Merit, a successful sales mentor in her own right, became the CEO of SELLect Sales development when her good friend passed away unexpectedly. She stepped in to continue her friend’s legacy and combined her experience with the already established training systems within the company.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Her Sales SWOT on Steroids has helped countless business owners know exactly where to begin to create long lasting change and consistent growth.

In her spare time she is a stand-up comedian and she says she’s counting down the days until she trades in her title “single parent” for “empty nester.”

Merit Kahn’s gift to you, SWOT sales on steroids, can be found here: https://meritkahn.com/podcast SWOT sales on steroids


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