Syncing your business with the seasons episode 130 happy inspired motivated Podcast-2

Syncing your business seasonally

Syncing your business with the seasons.

In nature the seasons bring different periods of rest, growth, harvest and retreat. The trees, flowers and animals all work with these cycles yet we don’t allow ourselves to do so.

We beat ourselves up in the winter when we are tired and sleepy, because we can’t find the motivation to push forward. We get angry at ourselves in the summer when we feel compelled to work more intensely because it should be vacation time.

But we are a part of nature and our bodies and energies flow with this cycle of seasons too. Be gentle on yourself. Spring is the season for planting seeds and opportunities, so now is the time to make your inspired choices.

Syncing your business with the seasons isn’t about marketing for the holidays, or using the Farmer’s Almanac to predict your periods of productivity. It’s about tuning in and knowing when you are ready to slow down or speed up.

It’s about giving yourself permission to feel how you are feeling and to know it’s natural to take periods of rest.

Don’t let your fears stop you from investing in yourself and having massive change in your business. What you dream of can be your reality, trust me I know, you don’t have to struggle and hustle.

Take your growth and abundance into your own hands today, starting here.

Now is your time to make your success a priority.

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