good teacher

Being a teacher was always my dream.


The classroom was always my happy place, and being surrounded by students was the most amazing experience. Aren’t they just phenomenal?


It is the most amazing feeling when your students have breakthroughs, and you can see them light up inside. Knowing that in your classroom there are the most inquisitive minds that can change the world.


They are our future, and they are set to change it!


Life can be overwhelming as a teacher though.


It doesn’t seem to be about the teaching much anymore, it is more about the admin you have to do in the background, and hitting targets, and the more you give, the more they take.


It’s no surprise really then that 1 in 6 employees experience depression, anxiety, stress issues in the workplace.


Also not surprising that 526,000 people experienced work related stress, depression, anxiety in 2019.


And, what a shocker…12.5 million working days were lost in 2017 due to stress, depression, anxiety that their employer did little to help with.


For these such reasons, as well as that fact that I have lived the life of a teacher, I created ‘5 Simple Ways For Educators To Cvercome Stress And Burnout’ to give you some strategies that you can put in to place quickly.


These strategies are ways that I help my clients to feel better and start to re-energise and reawaken their lives.


Please accept these strategies as a gift from me to you. To get your copy just pop your name and email below and you’ll get instant access to the ways you can overcome stress and burnout.


Sending love and blessings