The Baseball Method of Manifesting episode 119 happy inspired motivated Podcast

The Baseball Method of Manifesting

The Baseball Method. You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, you’ve heard of manifesting but you’ve never heard of the Baseball Method of Manifesting…until now!

Tune in to finally learn the easiest way to work with the universe and attract the life that you so deserve and dream of.

It’s not about the home runs, or hitting it out of the park. My manifesting method takes away the stress of trying to hit those metaphorical baseballs away. 

Because in all honesty you can’t get rid of anything with force, only with love and acceptance.

Are you focusing on the negatives or the positives? Are you paying those positives forward, in advance of receiving?

Using my method giving becomes easy, because you’ll see the benefits in doing so. We are all connected and generosity of negatives and positives show up in our lives. You get to decide which you share and, in turn, receive back in abundance.

Trust me, this isn’t a podcast about the rules of baseball. In fact, I don’t even know them!

When I was at school we played rounders, it’s like the English version of the American sport. Not really sure which came first…but I remember we had to focus on hitting the balls as far away as possible to get ahead (in life).

Take a listen to see just how this focus is going to help you manifest more.

PLUS there’s a little bonus gift in there for you too!

2022 is going to be your best year yet!

You can access your free gift here.

Check out this episode!

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