The universe knows

The universe knows…

The Universe knows…  Have you ever felt trapped? Like there is no way out?


I have.


There was a point in my life when I was in an unhealthy marriage. I was so low I couldn’t see how things could get better. 


I had been beaten down so much that I believed I’d fail on my own. I had been trained to become dependant on my husband, so I was blind to see the warning signs.


I didn’t have it ‘that bad’ so there was no reason to leave.


One day, I was talking to a friend about how I was feeling and what had been happening, when she asked me ‘What are you going to do about it?’


I was shocked. First of all, I had deceived myself into thinking that what was happening in my marriage was normal, and that I didn’t have it ‘that bad’ so there was no reason to leave. And secondly, I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t think I could.


I was married, ‘till death do you part’. There was no way out. Other people got divorced but not me. I wasn’t going to be ‘one of those’ statistics. I had three young daughters, and I wasn’t able to cope as a single mum. I wasn’t strong enough.


As that conversation ended I walked away, confused. What did she mean what was I going to do about it? Did I have a choice?


I thought about it for a short while, and then the tears came.


I broke down that night. Floods of tears in shame, anger and relief.


I was supposed to be an intelligent woman


At first I was ashamed of how bad I had let my situation get. How could I admit to everyone that I had been living in an unhealthy marriage? I felt like such a fool. I was supposed to be an intelligent woman, I was supposed to be setting an example for my kids.


Then came the anger. Why had I allowed myself to become so trapped? Why had I not thought about leaving sooner? What kind of idiot stays when they are so unhappy? Why had I not seen the way out?


Then there was the relief. A voice saying ‘Life is too short’ popped into my head and a wave of relief washed over me, along with more tears, because I suddenly realised that I didn’t have to stay stuck. I’d been brainwashed into thinking that I’d be worse off without him, but that just wasn’t true.


What kind of idiot stays when they are so unhappy?


It was at that moment that I experienced a hug from the universe.


I had bottled everything up for so long that I had been blocking the signs. My uncontrollable crying was the release I needed to give the universe permission to come in.


If there are no cracks, the light will never come through.


The hug was so warm and comforting. It felt like someone was actually there with me. I felt safe, loved and supported, and in that moment I knew at my very core that everything was going to be OK.


I knew that whatever I chose to do I would never have to do it alone. I knew that I was 100% supported by a loving force of energy, one that had always surrounded and guided me when I had been open to receiving.


If there are no cracks, the light will never come through.


I want you to know that no matter what you are going through right now, you don’t have to stay stuck. That realisation alone opens up a portal to allow the universe to come in and support you. It is the first crack.


When we are being downtrodden, when our confidence and self esteem is being striped from us we close down our higher self’s access to us. It’s too painful not to. And we feel alone.


Leaving my marriage was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I left with my 3 daughters and a couple of suitcases. We moved back to the UK and started again.


And there were times that I felt alone, felt it would be easier to go back, but each time I had those thoughts the universe stepped in and orchestrated some magnificent synchronicity to keep me on track.


Learning about the Law of Attraction is the best thing I have ever done. As I saw it play out in my life I became more and more obsessed with understanding how it worked. Breaking down why sometimes life happened for me and sometimes life happened to me.


it feels safer to stay where you are


And it’s because of my journey that I know how to map out the road for my clients. Some of them are trapped in broken marriages and don’t know how to find the courage to get out. And that situation is what causes them to subconsciously sabotage their business.


Some have been brainwashed into doubting their own capabilities and believe that they can’t do it, whatever ‘it’ is.


I took the leap of faith and survived, and that is one of the reasons I went into coaching.


Even though it feels safer to stay where you are; whether that be an unhealthy marriage, a job you hate, or a toxic situation it’s not always ‘better the devil you know’.


If you aren’t feeling fulfilled that means that there is something else out there for you. That’s your higher self and the universe nudging you to take stock and wake up.


I can tell you, from my own experience, that since taking that leap of faith I haven’t looked back.


Sure it took time to heal. It took time to regain my confidence and self esteem, but I did heal and I grew stronger from it.


If I could take away the injustice and pain in the world, I would. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to share the fact that we are all loved and supported. That life is too short to be living less than your best. And that no matter how hard the obstacles seem, you are so much more powerful than they can ever be.



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