Thoughts become things

Thoughts become things

Thoughts become things. That is a powerful statement, that one of my favourite authors, Mike Dooley, uses a lot. It is a great way of looking at how you manifest in your life. But, I think it needs a little clarification.


When I first read one of Mike’s books things really started to make sense to me. I found myself thinking ‘Oh, now I get it! What I think becomes my reality!’ 


And although it is true, that your thoughts really do become things, there is more to look at here. Many people hear that and believe that all they have to do is think of what they want, and it will miraculously appear in their lives. However, there are two caveats that I would like to add.

1. We're not ordering fast food

Thoughts become things does not mean that you sit in your living room and think that you want £1000, and it will be in your bank account by Friday. Energy takes time to manifest, and although you will get your £1000 if you really want it, it won’t happen overnight. The universe needs some time to orchestrate things to your advantage. If money suddenly dropped out of the sky people would start to ask questions! And just as your lack of money didn’t happen overnight, neither will your abundance.

2. Pay attention to what you are ordering

You may say that you didn’t want to be in debt, overweight or in an unhappy relationship, so why has the universe given you these things? Is manifesting not working for you? It actually is! Let me ask you a question. Do you look at yourself and think ‘I don’t want to be overweight?’ Do you see that bill and think ‘I don’t want to be in debt?’ Do you look at your partner and think ‘I don’t want to be in a relationship without love?’
So, thoughts become things. Now you’ve understood that there may be a time delay between you asking for a desire and it arriving.
Let’s take a look at what you are asking for. If you have answered yes to any of the above questions in point 2, you might be able to see that those unhappy thoughts are what you are asking the universe for.

Example #1. 

Fictitious person – Susan
Susan is unhappy with her weight. One of her goals is to lose 10lb. When she looks in the mirror she sees somebody who is unhappy with their appearance and whose clothes are a bit tight. Susan decides to manifest her perfect body, so she starts her diet. Every morning she looks at her reflection, thinks ‘I’m so overweight, today I will watch what I eat’. At work today one of her colleagues is celebrating their birthday, so they have brought cake to share with everyone. As Susan sees the cake she thinks ‘If I eat that I will gain weight’ but it’s her friends birthday, so she has a small slice. Then, she feels guilty all day, believes her diet is shot and decides she will start her diet again tomorrow.
There are a few things here, that tie in with the universe. One thing is that Susan is focusing on being overweight, so she is attracting more weight. She keeps replaying the song in her head, ‘I’m overweight, I’m overweight’. The word overweight is becoming a predominant thought, so overweight is her reality.
Also, her mind perceives any food she eats that is unhealthy as a complete failure. So she resets the next day. The truth is that having a slice of cake for her friend’s birthday was only a small thing, it was the rest of the crap she ate later that added to her discomfort.

Example #2

Fictitious person – Sheila


Sheila is struggling with money. It seems that there is never enough leftover at the end of the month to save, and if she does, by some miracle ;), it always gets sucked out of her savings by some unexpected bill. Sheila worries that she is never going to have enough money. She buys a lottery ticket every week and thinks about what she would spend the money on. Sheila isn’t a greedy person, so she ‘puts out into the universe’ that she would give some to her family, and charities because she’s not selfish. When she doesn’t win the lottery, she says to herself ‘typical, I never win anything’.


Can you see the trend here? Sheila is focusing on not having enough money. Her subconscious is expecting that ‘unexpected’ bill to arrive, and when it does she is validating that belief. She is also telling the universe that she isn’t worthy of winning the lottery because she thinks about giving the winnings away, because she isn’t selfish and wants to share.


When we think something enough it becomes a belief, and our subconscious tries to find proof to justify that belief. It wants to prove that what we think is true. The mind is a powerful thing.

So, yes, thoughts do become things.

As you look for proof that you are ‘overweight, unloved, in debt’ you attract that reality into existence. The time it takes for your thoughts to become things can be seen in your present reality. It is a reflection of your past thoughts and beliefs. That being said, your future is going to be a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs you have, right now! You can manifest the life of your dreams. Focus on what you want, not the opposite or lack of it.

Can you see how your thoughts have become your reality?


Sending love and blessings


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