What the heck is a goal?

Entrepreneurs are big dreamers. We want to achieve our goals, if we didn’t we’d still be sat in the 9-5 taking our 30-minute lunch break when the boss says it’s ok to do so. You might want the 7-figure business, you might want to build shelters for the homeless, only you know what your goal is but are you consciously working towards achieving it. Or are you letting your work get in the way?


We are great manifestors and we create our reality without even thinking about it. That allows what we want to come to us, but it allows the dreams to come when we happen to get to the point that attracts it, not when we want it. Setting goals and taking the specific steps to achieve them is so important. I’m sharing my story of how it took me 4 years to be able to tick my dreams of a list, that could have taken me 6 months.


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