Why ‘faking it till you make it’ subliminally solidifies your future episode 110 happy inspired motivated Podcast

Why “faking it till you make it” works.

The effect your subconscious plays in your business decision making and how ‘faking it till you make it’ is a way of solidifying your future.

Our subconscious controls the show, we know that, we’ve discussed it on this show a million times, but here I want to give you real concrete examples of just how that works.

Believe it or not it has a huge effect on your subconscious shopping habits. It plays a part in you deciding which brand to buy at the supermarket, which is why companies pay the big bucks to phenomenal marketers. But the very same subconscious plays a role in your business decision makings too.

We all know about ‘faking it till you make it’. We think of it as purely bluffing your way to the top. Bigging up your business, pretending that you are really successful when in reality you aren’t.

But the ‘game’ of faking it could actually be helping you. It is a way of solidifying your future manifestations, and more! Now, I’m not saying faking it is a good thing to do to attract clients. However, you can accept ownership of your future successful business now if you want to, and in doing that celebrate and give thanks in this very moment.

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