You can’t take the Goddess out of the girl episode 108 happy inspired motivated Podcast

You can’t take the Goddess out of the girl.

I took the Goddess power out of my coaching and out of me, until I got so stuck, pushing against my alignment that I had no choice but to allow her back.

I get it. The Goddess is powerful, she knows what she wants and knows she deserves it. People don’t like to step into their Goddess-ness but if you don’t she’ll sit inside stirring you up until you give in.

Until you start Goddessing. She can’t be silenced. Even if you keep her numbed up with alcohol, cigarettes or food she will eventually find her way to the surface because it is where she belongs.

For some people that day doesn’t come until they are on their death bed. When they say ‘if only I had…’

Don’t wait that long. Don’t wait 10 years, 5 years, 1 year, until 2022. Make that change today because your success is inevitable.

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